Modern living with a twist

Modern living with a twist

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Modern living with a twist.

I like modern interiors, but then just that little bit different. That means I often have to spend a long time looking for things for the house, or I have to make them myself, because the item is not available at a reasonable price. Fortunately, I enjoy working and pottering around the house, so it definitely keeps me busy.
We got a stunning tree trunk table for our home a few years ago. That one also took quite some time to find, although they are widely available now. I am still very happy with it, but it could do with a tweak. So I went in search of a different base, a base with a twist… I found that at Nordstahl, a fabulous new brand!
The new leg has given the table a completely different look and the quality is excellent. I am delighted with it and the table will last for many years to come. For those who enjoy sitting round the table, you can see my house and the table on instagram : thuisbijvierleeuwen


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