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DIY playcorner

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We always have enough ideas, and I like it to create new products with my hubby.
“Creative” yes! We are!

Now that we have a 1 year old daughter the playpen will be out soon, so there is a place available for a nice playcorner for Liv.

Our style of living is a mix of Bothanical / Scandinavian / Bohemian and tough-industrial. This makes us the perfect client for Nordstahl!
We were sent the beautiful frame Strip coffee leg to get creative with it.

We have made a multifunctional furniture. We have made the tabletop ourselves and mounted it on the strip coffee legs.

The table is now used as a playground for Liv, but it can also be used as a plant table for indoors and outdoors.
You can also sit on it so it’s also a nice lounge area or of course as a coffee table.

I say successful project!

Do you want to see more?
Instagram: @aarnsrianne

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