The Globe shelf… I’m a fan!

The Globe shelf… I’m a fan!

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The Globe shelf… I’m a fan!

There is a new brand in the interior design sector. And what a wonderful brand it is! Just what I like! Hip, robust, beautiful, and strong. I’m a fan already!

I received a beautiful lamp that didn’t lack a single detail. I first noticed the intense blue steel colour, which I fell in love with instantly. But it doesn’t end there, as the fixtures and the cord look really cool too. The retro look, coupled with the steel of the lamp, completes the whole. You can tell the lamp is a quality piece.

And then came the (brief) quest for a spot to hang the lamp. The decision was soon made, because this is a lamp that deserves to be seen. I found a nice spot to hang the lamp in the corner next to our dining room table. The lamp looks beautiful here, even if I say so myself.

Michelle (Instagram: HuusvanTruus)

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